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High Performance Mindset Coaching for Athletes & Artists


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Ready for a life-changing journey?

Motivation & Performance Partners (MAPP) works with you to shift your perspective to find confidence, happiness and live your best life.

International Success

Personal Coaching

Coaching is the subtle but powerful facilitation of unblocking, unlocking and harnessing human potential. I believe wholeheartedly that people with purpose, passion and direction are incapable of anything other than living, giving and leading in complete alignment with their innate potential.

Team Coaching

We work, to help unlock, unblock and harness individual and team success. We love working with Conscientious and Purpose-led Performance who believe in Legacy Driven results and who seek the clarity, structure and support to rocket launch you to the next level.

Life-shifting Courses & Programs

Partnership Coaching Program digs deep into the tissue of your collective aspirations. We explore your values, your blocks and your individual and combined vision – both personally and professionally, to ensure that your long-term goals and poignant next chapter, are built and birthed on a concrete strong foundation of alignment, awareness and commitment.


Performance Achievement Goals Life. .

Online Performance Plans

We offer hands-on support with professional online programs to ensure that your journey of transformation can happen anywhere, at any time.

Life changing Results.

We work across all sports and all disciplines.

Start your life shifting journey today.

Our partnerships are on an application process. Reach out to see if we are a fit and we can explore the next steps.