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Here’s some guidance I think you’ll love…
1. Eat MORE plant-based meals.
2. Schedule ‘me’ time.
3. Limit screen time.
4. Prioritize sleep.
5. Move your body.
6. Schedule time in Nature.
7. Letting go.
8. Enjoy the cold water
9. Breathe motherf*cker!
  • 1. Since going plant based, I’ve never tasted so many textures & flavours! It’s incredible. The variety of colors, of fruits & veg, has been a gift that keeps on giving. I implore anyone to get involved. If your looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it comes from Nature. That said, I believe you’ve got to do what the body needs. Not craves. Needs. Tune in to your body and let the good times roll!
  • 2. Nothing better than a brain break. I work my f****** ass off, all day, every day. Probably a little too much (but I love what I do). It’s imperative to refuel the engine with a little ‘me’ time, or ‘we’ time as a mate highlighted the other day – anything that provides you with the feeling of being loved & in love with the gift of life. My tip is to focus on the Hierarchy of Happiness – you, then your partner, your children, friends & family & then community – like a champagne fountain, the only way it flows is if you start at the top.
  • 3. A no-brainer but so hard to do. My work-life lives on the laptop – film, scripts, email, M&PP – but life itself doesn’t live on there. Perhaps a more powerful way would be to look at WHY you’re on the screen. Productive = good. Distractive = bad. Swap the bad for a book, more ‘me’ time, more ‘we’ time or more points 5 & 6.
  • 4. I’ve been in a quest to become the best, most vibrant person I can be. To be able to do what I do I need & want to be in premium form. 2 of the most powerful increases I’ve made: Sleep is king. And back to point 1.
  • 5. Exercise tells your brain to release happy chems into your bloodstream. Not only do you look better, you feel better. Just make sure you combine movement with more clean water & some form of stretching or massage (this could also be ‘me’ time if you set it up right).
  • 6. We are made from nature so we must return to it as much as possible. The beach, the mountains, the bush – they’re home. It settles & resets the nervous system – which is so important in these wi-fi (& 5G) times.
  • 7. I’m going to talk more about this later but letting go has been my mantra for the past few weeks. It was given to me in a time of silence. And it is powerful. I’m putting together a talk on PTSD & it’s incredible how many of us are holding onto past trauma. If you want to feel light & free, one must remove burden.*
  • 8. If sleep is king, cold water is God. The ocean, shower, ice bath, plunge pool, backyard pool – whatever you have available. Cold water is simply the temperature it’s meant to be. The physiological response to it is unbelievable! Again your body responds to it positively. It sends blood to the vital organs to protect them, and when you warm back up (which you always do) it flushes the system – making you feel a million dollars! 30 secs at the end of a hot shower will get you started…
  • 9. I personally do the Wim Hof Method, but there are heaps of different options here. Offering the brain & body more oxygen – the life force of human existence – will fuel your quest to vitality. You can download his app for free, learn it, then put the phone away & revitalize your existence one deep breath at a time!
Oh, I forgot number 10. My favorite:
  • 10. Give. A smile. Buy someone a coffee. Perhaps a stranger. Say hello in the street. Say thank you to Nature. Give without the need to receive (the brain will take care of that for you).

*Reach out if you need some help with this.