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Apart from holding my brother when my parents brought him home from the hospital, my earliest memory is of holding a cricket bat. I don’t remember much of my early childhood, but what I do remember of it is sunshine & sport.

Growing through adolescence, nothing really changed. My pastime as a kid had turned into my passion & I was focused on developing a career as a professional athlete. I would buck friend’s birthday parties in order to train. I would watch countless hours of my heroes displaying mastery of their skill & endeavour to master it myself. Malcom Gladwell stated “10,000 hours to mastery” … well, I easily would’ve doubled that. I would always be the hardest worker in the room. That’s how I valued myself – because if I worked harder than my competitors, I would have the 1% advantage when it came down to the fine wire… And the game I wanted to master was a game of millimetres.

I was a pressure player. I loved it. I revelled in it. The dying moments. The final overs. Most players hated them (and I have come to understand the psychological complexities of why most had a distaste for them) but I desired to be at the helm when the ship needed steering in the storm. I think it was the ringing of my father’s words in my head, to “be a pressure player” that were the reason I became who I did on the field.

And I took this attitude into Life, too.

But – and they did the best they could – off the field, my psychological & emotional mentorship was limited. My chosen mentors were only a few years older than me and were part of the same disjointed fraternity that I was.

Like a lot of kids, my parents splitting when I was young but it was my old man who consciously took the majority of the responsibility of looking after my brother & I – deciding that providing everything he could (& more often than not a lot that he couldn’t) would ensure that we felt safe & supported, & able to achieve whatever we were dreaming of…

And, for me, that dream was coming true.

I’d just graduated from the Australian Institute of Sport & was on the cusp of turning my adolescent passion into my adult profession.

However, at the same time, my personal life was blowing up in my face (and seemingly through no fault of my own – although, I later came to understand that I was the orchestrator of it all). What followed was a sabbatical of self-discovery of epic proportions. I was looking for an escape, but I didn’t deserve one. And I didn’t get one; because ‘one cannot run from their shadow simply by hiding inside‘.

So, there I stood, a lost sheep wandering the English countryside, without a clue about any of the answers to the questions my soul was asking for, or where to find them.

At the deepest level, I was seeking an understanding of myself, of life & the world around me, & where, how & why I fitted into that… but I did not have the knowledge or the skills to better my situation. I remember asking the Sky for guidance…

But – We all must walk the valley of shadows until our light guides us out… And we will continue to find ourselves down there in the dark until that light of Self-Worth is ignited by someone or something.

I came home. Not physically, but metaphysically. Spiritually. Psychologically. I had to. It was either that or die.

I found myself, no, I re-created myself. From the in-soul out. I committed to personal development. To betterment. To the truth – of who I was, what I wanted &, deep down, what I believed I could be.

And then I worked my arse off again. But, this time, I had the whole Universe behind me.

“It’s amazing the feelings you are gifted when you are doing what you’re meant to be doing. I am meant to be right here, right now, serving others, guiding them to achieve their personal & professional goals.”

– Simon Williams

Whether it be for greater & more fruitful relationships, amazing feats of personal strength, the dizzying highs of world-class performance & goal-setting or increasing vitality in each & every day, supporting someone else’s success is now how I fuel my own.

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