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the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.
an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.
determination; resoluteness.

verb (used with object),pur·posed,pur·pos·ing.
to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself.
to intend; design.

verb (used without object),pur·posed,pur·pos·ing.
to have a purpose.

If purpose is defined as the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used… why do YOU exist? Why were you ‘done’, or made? How are you being ‘used’ by the universe, for what order or merit or reason of creation?

M&PP's Simon Williams

M&PP’s Simon Williams

These existential questions are impossible to know the true meaning of, however, in order to discover the truth to our meaning we MUST search deep within & FEEL the reason for living. Your soul knows exactly what it wants, & it speaks to you in DESIRE; because desire causes thought causes action.

So, in order to know our purpose, we must ask ourselves: what do I deeply desire – what do I want to do with my one, wonder-filled life?

Most people are afraid to ask because they are afraid of the answer. Not because of what might be told but because of the ACTION that must follow if they are going to fulfil those thoughts & desires.

If you desire GREATNESS – & by that I ultimately mean a life you considered to be great – then all it asks of you is to BE COURAGEOUS… but like two sides of the same coin, there is no courage without fear (otherwise it does not require you to show courage).

BUT, DO NOT FEAR – because it is the journey & not the destination that determines a great life. So, it is not WHAT you did but HOW & WHY you did it.

“In the depths of our greatest fears lies the key to our greatest triumphs.”

We all have greatness residing within us, lying deep inside our soul like buried treasure – this I promise can you. I have seen it being & been retrieved too many times for it not to be true. I believe in this like I believe in the laws of the universe. My proof is in its creation.

Today, ask yourself (perhaps even write down your answers too… a good one for the fridge door as a reminder, as a mantra, for manifestation) these five (5) questions:

  1. What experiences make me feel vibrant?
  2. What are my specific skills i.e. the things you are good at? (Don’t be shy…)
  3. If money was no object, what would I spend my time doing, making, building, becoming…?
  4. How can I add greater value to the world (perhaps doing those things which enable me to feel vibrant)?
  5. Do I desire to leave a legacy? If I do, what do I want it to be?

At M&PP, we have a number of modules that focus directly on uncovering & discovering, unearthing & birthing, your PURPOSE. Get in touch if you want to unleash the beast within!

M&PP's Manifesto process

M&PP’s Manifesto process

Allow me to leave you with a final thought that will inspire further understanding:

Happiness is not a state of being –
it is state of doing. 

All the very best – we’re here for your success.