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Spring is well and truly in the air! The ocean is cold so I implore you to get into it (or at least a cold shower) – you never regret it.
I’ve absorbed so much inspiring content this week but I wanted to offer you something practical for you to apply for immediate benefit…

I’ve had a number of people say to me lately that they struggle to feel gratitude – well here is something you might appreciate

Gratitude is a complete, whole-body experience. An envelopment of pleasure for the present, what has been in the past, without gripping fear for the future. It is a reception &, sometimes, hard to be open to receive. Appreciation, on the other hand, is a giving experience. A present offering to that which has come before you, allowing you to move forward, unobstructed by resentment, or guilt, or shame, or betrayal. Appreciation is easier to cultivate because you can give at any time. By seeing the learning from every choice you have made, you can feel a greater future ahead; a future you can be grateful for. It is in these moments that gratitude comes knocking at your door.

Appreciation is the highest vibration we can emanate; and, the true beauty in appreciation is that it is something you can offer – to your life, to your wife, even to past strifes. Hold space in appreciation, for when you own that land you can open your gate to gratitude. Verbalise it, & I promise you what will return you will be grateful for.

Lots of love.
I’m off to the ocean.