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Pain is the body holding on to suffering… & suffering is the body holding on to pain.

When we were a kid, we cried the f***ing house down if we hurt ourselves. We let the world know we were in pain. We yelled at it to take it away, or looked up to someone with tears in our eyes to fix it.
When did this change?
Why did this change?

At some point, especially men, we get told that life is going to hurt but to hold on to that sh*t. To keep it hidden from the world. To pretend it doesn’t hurt. To bury it down deep within, forget about it & keep moving forward…
But – the body keeps score.

In Dr. van der Klok’s book of the same name, he states: “As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself.”

Pain is suffering, and if we suffocate suffering, it surfaces when we least expect it, when we least want it – usually when faced with a high-pressure decision – & most of the time it purges itself in the most dramatic & drastic of fashion.

What was once a molehill is now a mountain, one needing to be climbed & conquered, or cause irreparable damage.

Anger & aggression, even sadness & despair, are awesome emotions (they highlight at a core level what is important to the individual) as long as one stays within the boundaries of choice & control e.g. controlled aggression is paramount to high-performance – sadness & despair can lead to a life-altering learning of “letting go” of the need to ‘control’ & releases the reigns to the the Creator (i.e. Him or It in You)

Learn to control your emotions before they control you.
Release = peace.

The first step is admitting there is a problem – an unrest, an issue, a ‘disordered’ state.

The next is admitting it to SOMEONE ELSE.

SOMEONE YOU TRUST has all the answers to your ailments & will have your future self in mind. This person will welcome the opportunity to support & nurture your growth… all you need do is ASK.

Good people give a sh*t.

They want you to feel worthy, loved, safe & successful.

Don’t be afraid to let good people do what they want to do.

And don’t be afraid to share your experience like you did as a child – yell out, scream out, cry out, punch out (in a controlled environment such as a gym), go hard at your opponent, cry, curse, CREATE, even pray to the silence – because the only way to be free yourself of burden is to share the load with someone. But there’s a grave difference between sharing it with someone and shoving it onto someone because you can’t stand the weight of it.

Pain & suffering are deeply rooted weeds and we need someone else to help us tend to the garden.
Eden is within.

It has been scientifically proven that crystals transmit, transmute & transit energy.
The human bone structure has long been recognised as a solid crystal structure with piezoelectric properties.

The key to understanding the assimilation of energy into our physical structure is through the awareness of our bodies as a series of synchronous, interacting, crystal structures.
– Dr. Gabriel Cousen

Don’t jail suffering in your bones for you need them unchained to grow & to keep moving forward.

Reach out & get it out.