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At M&PP, we believe everyone is built for Greatness.
When we are born, we are given everything we need to succeed; & if we learn to nurture, cultivate & execute that knowledge with precision, it can lead us to achieve anything we desire.

So, the question is:



Just because we desire something it does not automatically mean we are going to receive it.

Due to a number of factors – some of our own cause & effect & some of others (such as our parenting, current belief systems, values, mindset & relationships with others & the Self) – in other words our internal & external ecosystems – we have limited ourselves to who we are & our current performance.

But, the good news is this:

Every moment presents an opportunity to grow & change to a path of less resistance & Ultimate existence.

But what does your Ultimate Life look like?
& do you know how, & have the team around you, to achieve it?

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
- John Lennon, The Beatles.

He dreamed, built the team, then achieved.





Your Mentor for Meaning
Your Partner for Purpose
Your Coach for Greatness
Your Guide on the Mountains of Achievement & Fulfilment.

We’ve partnered with a range of high-performance athletes, artists & leaders & each & every time we are humbled & inspired by the growth & power that each & every one of them receive from The M&PP Program – not only in their motivation & performance within their chosen profession but for life itself.

We are incredibly honoured that they have chosen M&PP as their motivation & performance partner in the pursuit of their personal goals, hopes & dreams.


My goals so big that no one around me truly understands what’s required to achieve them. I find myself feeling alone in my quest for greatness.

I want to be someone who believes in themselves, their dreams & that I can achieve my goals.

I want to perform at THE NEXT LEVEL.

I want to become someone whose performance will be remembered forever!

I am transitioning from one goal or career to another, & I want to make the best decisions for my future. I want to my life to keep meaning something.

I want to feel more inspired & reconnect to myself, my goals, my abilities, my performance & the world around me.

I want to give my life more purpose!

I want to leave a legacy when I die.

M&PP was built for You.

He was able to connect with me instantly and he could tell there was angst in my life. My father had just had a stroke, pressure at work, girl problems, over training, over committing...combine this with a fast paced lifestyle with minimal downtime & the stress/anxiety was simply tormenting me each day. To compound matters I was becoming withdrawn so my day to day relationships with people that were important to me started to lose meaning. It was fate that I formed a friendship with Simon. His ability to rationalise situations and offer pragmatic suggestions to motivate me to be the best version of myself changed my outlook for each day. Through Simon's friendship & mentoring he assisted to build an enhanced version of myself able to conquer the fast paced nature of modern life and to focus on what really is important to me.

Luke, 35LEADER

I have known Simon for about 15 years. In that time I honestly can say I have never met or known another person to be as selfless, and as giving. Through his empathy, positivity, kind heart and unwavering support he has guided and advised me through many of life’s opportunities and challenges be it business, relationships, and/or family, and has always made time for me no matter the circumstance. He has also helped through some darker times where I have been able to be comfortable with being completely open and honest with my feelings. I have always been fascinated with how he has always been able to make time for the MANY people in his life past and present and how he has managed that with his own career and life goals.

Kent, 38ARTIST

My sessions with Simon have had a hugely positive impact on my mindset and my self-worth as a human being. He is very talented in the way he facilitates the sessions through creating an open, safe, approachable atmosphere that allows for engaging, thought-provoking & challenging discussions. I really loved how he creates a holistic outlook on one's life through encompassing & uniting goals, values, ideas, skills & passions to formulate one's ultimate life journey.
Simon is the first person who truly made me view my goals & dreams as real and most importantly very achievable! I cannot recommend him enough.

Joelle, 23LEADER

This near decade, as up and down as it was for me, is marked with milestones of self-growth, newfound creativity and positive change that couldn’t have happened without Simon’s influence. His ability to find and cultivate someone’s potential with empathy, intuition and pragmatism is that sort of well-balanced guidance that even works on angsty teens who don’t listen to anyone. Whenever I’ve felt stuck, resigned or frustrated, in whatever area of my life, a simple coffee and chat with Simon has always been enough to make me feel reinvigorated and ready to take the next step with confidence and clarity.

Cyma, 23ARTIST


B. Health Sciences
B. Education
SMART Trained
Trauma Informed
Accidental Counsellor
Mental Health First Aid
Child Protection
Child Mental Health


Personal Coach.
AIS Graduate.
NSWIS Graduate.
Youth Mentor.
Award-Winning Filmmaker.
Published Writer.
Exhibited Photographer.
Commissioned Musician.