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They walk the talk. They’ve been through the M&PP Program & continue to work closely with the team to achieve their goals. They are passionate about making the world a better place. They are purposeful. They are driven. They serve their community. They know the future is in their hands… & they love that responsibility.


Breathless Adventures, Wim Hof Method Instructor, Oxygen Advantage Trainer, Free-diving, Yoga, XPT

My Life purpose is... to use my strength & leadership to serve & inspire a global community in which all are valued for their unique contribution to co-operation & collaboration, through open & honest interactions, self-expression & loving relationships.

Working with Simon at M&PP has... brought me clarity, purpose and direction. Really, it constantly helps me ask the right questions. Each session feels like a pitstop and reality check at the same time - ‘what comes up is not always what you want, but it’s what you need’.

How & why I represent M&PP... through my willingness to grow, learn and adjust consistently. A worldview that is holistic and a level of honesty in relationships and personal beliefs.

Three interesting things about me...
I came to Australia the day I turned 18 with $2000 in debt.
I used to be a miniature horse farmer.
My greatest talent is bluffing.


Internationally- Acclaimed Contemporary Dancer, Body Conditioning & Pilates Instructor for Sydney Dance Company

My life purpose is...
To continue to inspire and be inspired, exchanging and collaborating creatively and
authentically with others, while striving to find an equilibrium between self and service.
Putting in the work to maintain a state of being, where mind, heart, body and soul are in
alignment, so that love, joy, gratitude and sense of self and expression can flow freely both
inwardly and outwardly.

What I love about life is…
The surprises, the challenges, the lessons to be learnt, the rise and falls, the personal
evolution, loving relationships and the unknown! Once you’re able to let go of fear and trust
the process, the outcome becomes secondary.

Working with Simon has…
Been transformational. Through his mentorship, guidance and coaching, I have become
more aligned and grounded in who I am. I have been able to work through blockages and
rewrite an old narrative that did not serve any purpose other than holding me back. It is a
beautiful thing to find someone who helps you to see your ultimate life journey in a clearer
light, without fearing the unknown but instead with a deep understanding of self, I believe that
whatever goals and desires I have for the future will all be achievable. I believe that I deserve
to stand in my worth unapologetically and I thank Simon for this.

Three interesting things about me
1. I started dancing age 8, I am terrible at tap dancing and I have studied and worked in
London and Barcelona.
2. Nature is my safe place and it is the best medicine for my mind, heart and body.
3. I will never say no to a really good ham and cheese croissant


Owner/Operator & Personal Trainer @ Fit State of Mind

My life's purpose is... to serve others.
My family, friends and community.
To help support and encourage others to live a happy, fulfilled life. Family and friends, above all else.

What I love about life is... the endless opportunities and adventures that lie in front of us. I love that we as humans, can adapt and evolve to most situations and if we have the right mindset, we can make the best out of every situation.

Working with Simon has... given me a clearer direction, support and understanding of what is truly important to me along with reminding me of my core values.
Simon has been a great listener, provider and teacher to help me be a better man, partner, dad and leader.
Once a stranger, now and always a mate!

Three interesting things about me...
1) I am a bit of a clean freak 😬
2) love being up early (hate being up late)
3) love watching all sports, including netball and women’s cricket!


B. Health Sciences
B. Education
SMART Trained
Trauma Informed
Accidental Counsellor
Child Protection
Child Mental Health


Personal Coach.
Australian Institute of Sport
NSW Institute of Sport
Youth Mentor.
Award-Winning Filmmaker.
Published Writer.
Exhibited Photographer.
Commissioned Musician.