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A lot of people have felt despondent in the last few months with a numerous amount of things associated with the devastating Australian bushfires.

One in particular is where to donate your hard-earned money to make the maximum impact.

What is just as alarming (but not surprising) are the numerous charities withholding portions of donations, choosing to distribute them however (& whenever) they please rather then giving the full amount that you have donated. Scary, huh?

Sad, definitely.

Not at all surprising in this current climate of greed & mismanagement.

Yes – all causes are needy – but I believe when one donates money to a specific cause that cause should receive it in full.

With the fire season still upon us, I have located some of the best charities that are honest & positively impacting the community:

The Shoalhaven Bat Clinic

Bat populations in Australia are in rapid decline, and these fires have had a devastating affect on already frightening dwindling numbers. We have recently seen mass deaths of bats. Bats provide us an essential ecological service. Our Bats are our greatest long distance seed dispersal and pollination contributors. They are the key to reestablishing new habits and new forests. We need them and they need us.

Two more very significant organisations working around the clock, incredibly hard to care for our precious Wildlife are:

Wildlife Rescue South Coast:

They cover a huge area of NSW, they work from Wollongong to Batemans Bay, as well as Batemans Bay to the Victorian boarder.

Native Wildlife Rescue:

Work throughout the Southern Highlands.

Wild 2 Care:

Rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned wildlife.They are based within the Mogo State Forest which was completely wiped out with recent fires. They have lost everything, and sadly this isn’t the first time that they have faced a complete rebuild from Bush Fires. All of their buildings have been destroyed. They need help asap. (We have personally sent down camping gear: tents, beds, lamps, tarps, camp kitchenware, whatever we could pull together.

And finally…There is another wonderful mobile organisation that has hit the road to do whatever they can wherever they can…

Sydney Wildlife Rescue:

You can read all about the truly wonderful work that they do, around the clock, on their website.

These guys have currently got a mobile veterinary clinic, making their way down to the South Coast

You can keep updated with their work via their Facebook page:

Remember, every offer of love & support helps.
I hope that this has been helpful to you.

Sending love x

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