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Mist covered mountains to the left. Blue sky over sand to the right. Behind me – all, natural green. I sit like a fly on the wall marvelling at creation and our place amongst it.

There’s so much of this world I’ll never see & I’ve got to come to terms with that. Even if you dedicated your life to touch every stone, I don’t feel there are enough cycles in one man’s life to touch them all, but you might get close… you may even make it & what a journey that would make.

So, it has become apparent that it is important to do that. To dedicate your life to a passion & live it, breath it, be it; every day.

I hear what you’re thinking… “But what if I like a lot of things?

Well, I did not say ‘like’, I said “love”. I have ‘liked’ a lot of girls in my days, & nights, but there has been only a select few that I have ever truly “loved” (with everything I am).

I knew this because when they left, everything (everything I was) became nothing. A void where something used to be; and, like a building torn down, I had to be rebuilt; from the foundations of who I was all the way up to the man I wanted to become.

And I did, because that is the only way

That’s how I know I loved them. I went searching for more, no less.

If you know that feeling you will understand; & if you don’t, well, I guess I pose the question to you: Have you truly loved yet?

Yet – what a beautiful word when coupled with a positive outlook for personal growth.

“So, what do I do if I haven’t found the one I truly love yet?”

Then keep searching & never stop until you find them.

“Them?” you say.

You’re a man now. Do you still love what you loved as a child? Are you still following the same childhood fantasies?

Passion is an emotion, therefore, it is ‘caused’ as a reaction by an external motivator. It is something you cannot manifest or manufacture. It is as honest as truth is true. Passion is the mother of love – and love is something or someone you cannot “do” or “be” without.

When you discover something that makes you feel more than you ever have before, that thing that makes you strive to be a better version of yourself than you’ve ever been before, that is what you love, or who you love. So, live your cycles of the sun & the moon within that day dream because you have found your purpose.

If you are like myself, there are many things that light your fire & only so many moments in a day to experience them all. On my journey, some of these things I have held onto while others I had to let go of. Like former relationships, my love for them is a thing of the past, and yet, like true friendships, my gratitude for them keeps them with me to guide my future.

But, I digress…We were talking about specifics – one specific passion & dedicating our life to it weren’t we? Can we not love two things at the same time, with the same amount of passion?

Measure one against the other and you will find the more important… & that can be a vulnerable position to put yourself in. Measuring personal goals against the people we love or pastimes we’ve enjoyed can place one in such a confronting and life-changing position, so it is important that you understand that before you take the first step in the right direction.

Passion spawns love – it gives birth to love just as being born is the birth of a lifetime.
However, if we are talking specifics, birth is not the beginning, conception is, correct?

So, before we are passionate about something or someone, first there must be a spark that occurs between the two entities; and that spark is most random in nature, like the lightning I am currently viewing. These sparks are created by the chemistry between the heavens & Earth, between inspiration & the vessel. Our souls project the same frequency as that which is for us, their match is what causes the ‘spark’. We know when we feel that warmth inside of us that nature is working at its most purist & magical. It’s poetic & natural, and unbelievably beautiful; & like the paddles of life support it brings us to existence!

So. Go. Search for that something and someone you truly love; and, when you find that which makes you feel that kind of connection, hold onto it, for dear life – ride the lightning as if it were a raging bull! … & let that be the meaning to the rest of your life.