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Today I was going to distribute some motivation via the law of attraction, about working hard on that which you love, or fire you up by highlighting that death is a certainty & ask what do you desire to achieve with the rest of the days you have left in this Life?
But, instead, I want to bring you back to that feeling you get just below your sternum when you ask yourself a question, & it offers you the answer in the form of feedback of the biological kind.
For the mind to get a straight answer it has to go through the heart and into that space otherwise known as the Soul. It is the place of truth. It does not lie. It cannot lie.
Our goal in this lifetime is to unify those feelings of the feedback from our Mind, Heart & Soul when making the choices we make; & that this Unification all starts with the Soul.
This morning I stood in my kitchen after meditation questioning what I wanted to do. My mind was telling me to get work started, to start prepping for the day ahead. My soul told me to go for a surf. So I checked the cams and it was a bit of a dogs breakfast. My mind found ease in the win but as I took 10 steps out the door to go for a swim and get into work, I stopped, listened, ran back in, packed the car and drove to Av with my log.
The surf wasn’t great but what was great was bumping into a good mate, discussing life & catching up on what’s on the horizon for him as 2019 comes to a close. What a great start to the day it was.
We went surfing (of course) but the better point is that your Soul knows what you need. All your mind is focused on is self-preservation. It will say things to you so that you feel safe or don’t change because it fears change. It likes things just the way they are. Homeostasis.
But your Soul wants the TRUTH! The Soul knows what you truly desire & is communicating with the electromagnetic field to bring it to you… & if you open your Heart to asking how you can give more to others, it keeps the Highway of Happiness open so that your Soul can influence your Mind.
So, today, take some time to listen to your Soul, ask yourself – what do I truly desire? And open your Heart to the idea (you are worthy of it) so that your Mind can believe it can achieve it.
The Soul knows what you need…
Do you?