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In life, one simply cannot win if playing for a draw. Victory requires risk. Risk equals reward because, in life, we learn by rolling up our sleeves and rolling both die down the table.

But please…

Roll up both sleeves.

There are no favours when it comes to success. You’ve got to earn your prize. No corners can be cut, & the road can be longer than anything you’d ever dreamed. But if the dream is big enough, and the drive is deep enough, the work will be worth it.

But please…


Roll both dice. For, when you die, when the black dots are face to face with Father Time, the results may be of an equal number but you’ll know you had the chance to land a twelve yet you only placed your life on the line for a six.

One day, after an enlightening yet confronting meeting with the aforementioned Father, one comes to realise that life isn’t measured by the mediocre, the mundane or the maybes, more so, that it is measured by the moments in which you risked it all.

Win or lose.

Fail or succeed.

Don’t stand on the fence because the grass is green.

So, go – for broke.

Risk it all because there is no reward with no risk at all.

Live for what you love, & love who & what you live for. Get up every sun up & give it everything you’ve got. Offer life all you have in the tank. Put all you are on the line & become more than you are.

Life is in the palm of your hands – the only ones who achieve the dream are those who choose to dice, not to die.